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"The future is here"


1.    Reduce fertilizer and fungicide                usage by more than 20%, and                  improve growing productivity by 15%

2.    Reduce your water use by up to                      25%

3.    Remotely monitor irrigation water                  quality 

4.    Robust waterproof enclosure

5.    Add or change a sensor probe in                     seconds

6.    Use your staff more efficiently

Click on the image below to see a real time example

New article comparing Bureau of Meteorology data vs a localised system and the variations in accuracy

Click below for a presentation on this innovative technology

"Agronomy has changed"


1.    Measure soil, water and climatic conditions in                  realtime-from anywhere. 

2.    With an effective range of up to 70km you                        can monitor climatic, soil conditions or                              water quality at extreme distances.

3.    Low set up cost compared to industry                              competitors 

4.    No cabling

5.    Solar powered so can be set up and run                            independent of a power source -  suitable                        for greens, fairways, sportsgrounds or                             dams.

6.    Up to 6 sensors (120 to choose from                                  whether it be soil, climatic (clima) or water (aqua)          monitoring) can be run at anytime from one unit.            Choose the sensors you want and just "plug n                play"

       Climawind speed, wind direction,                                  rainfall, humidity, pressuretemperature, solar            radiation, soil moisturesoil temperature, pH,                and EC

       AquapH, electric conductivity, oxidation                      reduction potential, dissolved oxygenwater                 temperature, and turbidity.

7.    Enables real time predictive disease modelling -            better target pesticide applications



8.    Proprietary software offers a unique user friendly            interface usable on your iPhone, iPad or PC with            no software download required -just use your                existing browser

9.    Better target pesticide application.

10.   Use the free predictive modelling software to best         determine action windows for disease, weeds,               irrigation or water treatment. 

11.    With their small size (400g) these can be                          installed anywhere on the course or sporting                  venue with a minimal footprint and being so                    unobtrusive are less likely to suffer from                            vandalism

12.    3 year hardware warranty

13.    New sensors coming online all the time

14.    Can be integrated with an existing wifi network or          set up with its own wifi protocol



For more information please feel fre to contact us by cell 04999 75819 or email:

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